Historic signing

Dr Alex Bekker, President of the American Institute of Homeopathy

Dr Gary Smyth, President, The Faculty of Homeopathy

Dr Helen Beaumont, Immediate Past-President, The Faculty of Homeopathy

London, England/Dallas, Texas:  On Wednesday, 6th July The Faculty of Homeopathy and the American Institute of Homeopathy signed an historic agreement to actively promote the growth of Homeopathy in both countries.

Specifically, the agreement calls for the two organisations to collaborate on joint research projects to promote Homeopathy; to collaborate on networking and education events; and to share best practice to support Homeopathy education and research.
It is noteworthy that both organisations began operations on the same day, April 10, 1844.
“Given the urgency of needing to find solutions to problems like antibiotic resistant diseases and pain management, the members of the American Institute of Homeopathy are excited to be working with the Faculty of Homeopathy to promote the growth of homeopathy in the U.S. and the U.K.,” said Alex Bekker, President of the American Institute of Homeopathy.

Gary Smyth, President of the Faculty of Homeopathy commented, “Integrating homeopathy within medical practice offers safe, cost effective and clinically effective solutions to many of the current global healthcare challenges. This historic agreement marks the start of a new transatlantic collaboration and partnership between two of the world’s longest established homeopathic organizations. On behalf of all my colleagues at the Faculty of Homeopathy, I am delighted to be working with the American Institute of Homeopathy and I look forward to collectively raising awareness of this important system of medicine.” 

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Founded 1844 • Incorporated by Act of Parliament 1950 • Granted Royal Patronage 2019
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