Topics Include:

Hahnemann's Chronic Diseases: a detailed dive into the 'Organon' and 'Chronic Diseases.'

Therapeutics of Chronic Diseases: based on the writings of such luminaries as Boenninghausen, Hering, Lippe, HN Guernsey, EA Farrington, TF Allen, EB Nash, HC Allen, W. Boericke, Stuart Close, JT Kent, HA Roberts, CM Boger, H Farrington, P Schmidt, etc.

Materia medica Pura project: updating Hecla lava

List of Speakers include:

George Dimitriadis
Rosario Sanchez Caballero
Gyandas Wadhwani
Joel Sheppard
Tim Fior
Tim Shannon
Ron Whitmont
Flo McPherson
George Guess
Alastair Gray
Elizabeth Rice
Paola Brown
Karl Robinson
Jennifer Jacobs

A Panel of Speakers discussing:

  • Practical Therapeutics: Treatment of pandemics (and Covid-19) 
  • Classical Homeopathy: with reference to the work of Boenninghausen (using Dimitriadis's TBR and H Frei's Polarity Analysis), JT Kent, George Vithoulkas, etc.
  • The State of the Science: Homeopathic Research Update
  • The Politics of Homeopathy: update regarding homeopathy's status with the FDA


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