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Faculty of Homeopathy Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Expectations 

The Faculty of Homeopathy sets the highest standards for continuing professional development (CPD), and expects every member to play its part in maintaining these high standards. The importance of CPD should never be underestimated. CPD has a key role to play in developing your professional homeopathic skills, knowledge, and expertise. It also tells your patients that they are in safe hands as you work to very high professional standards.

Every member of the Faculty of Homeopathy is expected to engage in regular CPD. By actively participating in CPD you maintain your own professional reputation and the Faculty of Homeopathy's global reputation for excellence. 

The Faculty of Homeopathy has some of the best medical and veterinary homeopaths, globally, amongst its membership. Our members are happy to share their skills, knowledge, and professional expertise to ensure the future of homeopathy for generations to come. We aim to make access to CPD easy and convenient. You can complete your CPD by:

  • Participating in forums or asking members questions to increase your skills and knowledge
  • Joining your local, national, or professional membership group
  • Attending webinars
  • Delivering webinars on behalf of the Faculty of Homeopathy 
  • Attending Congress (face-to-face or virtually)
  • Attending lectures and other training events
  • Delivering lectures or other training events on behalf of the Faculty of Homeopathy

The Faculty of Homeopathy sets a minimum, relevant homeopathy, CPD activity requirement for each year of your membership. The minimum CPD requirements are:

  • Licentiate members - a minimum of 12 hours of homeopathy CPD activity each year
  • Full Members - a minimum of 20 hours of homeopathy CPD activity each year
  • Member Specialist Register - a minimum of 20 hours of homeopathy CPD activity each year
  • Fellows - a minimum of 20 hours of homeopathy CPD activity each year
  • Doctors who use the Faculty of Homeopathy appraisal and revalidation service are expected to complete a minimum of 50 hours of CPD activity each, which reflects the entire scope of their professional practise. A minimum of 20 hours CPD should be related to homeopathy

As a member of the Faculty of Homeopathy it is your responsibility to ensure you meet the CPD requirements attached to your membership category each year. The Faculty of Homeopathy internal quality audit team conducts spot checks throughout the year, so you may be asked to provide your CPD log for inspection. 

If a complaint is received about a Faculty of Homeopathy member the Responsible Officer, one of the Faculty's appraisal team, the relevant regulatory body, or another party may ask to see a copy of your CPD log. Failing to provide a copy of your CPD log may result in your membership being suspended, or you being expelled from the Faculty of Homeopathy.

The Faculty of Homeopathy is committed to supporting you as you gain more skills, knowledge, expertise, and qualifications, and for as long as you remain a member of the Faculty. If your require help at any time please contact your membership representative.


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