Scuola di Medicina Omeopatica di Genova Dulcamara (the School of Homeopathic Medicine of Genoa) is a certified training centre for the Faculty of Homeopathy. It is the only Italian teaching and training provider in the homeopathic field that is legally recognised in a country of the European Union. Thanks to this certification it is possible to take Faculty of Homeopathy examinations in Italy and in Italian. This is according to national legislative parameters, the exercise of Homeopathic Medicine in the British National Health System (NHS).

The diplomas obtained, in addition to their intrinsic value, are recognised at European level according to the institutional qualification of the British Faculty of Homeopathy. The current ECH (European Committee for Homeopathy) paths have in fact been structured, in a simplified way, on the English model and make continuous reference to them.

PHCE Enrolment Procedure

All requests for admission must be sent to the Secretariat of the Scuola di Medicina Omeopatica di Genova Dulcamara (the School of Homeopathic Medicine of Genoa). Applications must be accompanied by a Curriculum Vitae (CV) with a description of your professional qualifications and details of any  homeopathic qualifications you already have.

Each applicants CV will be examined by a commission that will establish, depending on the case, immediate admission or through a preliminary interview to the exam.

Registration fee

Admission is subject to the payment of an enrolment fee (including the fixed fee allocated to the Faculty of Homeopathy for expenses related to exam material, registration, evaluation of the material and exam reports, fees, and stamps). This fee also includes the amount of €40.00 for the pre-entrance exam; not mandatory for those enrolled in the Scuola di Medicina Omeopatica di Genova (the School of Homeopathic Medicine of Genoa). In case of failure of the exam it will be possible to access the session immediately following and in the same teaching location with the payment of a reduced registration fee.

The results will be communicated directly by the Faculty of Homeopathy by post as quickly as possible, but in any case within 3 months from the date of theexamination.

For further information, please contact Antonella Delehaye:

Scuola di Medicina Omeopatica di Genova Dulcamara (the School of Homeopathic Medicine of Genoa)  Accredited Center of the Faculty of Homeopathy (UK), Corso A.Podestà 12-1 – 16128 Genoa, Italy

Secretariat tel. +34 74 864955

e-mail: [email protected]

Programme for 2022

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Founded 1844 • Incorporated by Act of Parliament 1950 • Patron: His Majesty King Charles III
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