A United Voice: Better, Brighter & Bolder

An energetic and interactive day to create, build, and strengthen strategies for a better, brighter and bolder future for homeopathy
27 Sep 2022 11:30am

Living well in later life

NCIM online event - Everyone deserves to be happy and healthy in later life
23 Sep 2022 10:00am

The Work of James Compton Burnett

A talk and discussion with Dr MANISH YADAV BHMS
20 Sep 2022 8:00pm

Predators and Prey

In this seminar Dr Jonathan Hardy will be sharing new animal cases that he has seen in the last year
10 Sep 2022 9:30am

75th World Congress of Homeopathy - LMHI 2022

Istanbul, Turkey
7 Sep 2022 9:00am

NCIM Online Summer School with Dr Annette Sneevliet

Evolution: Connecting All Methods of Homeopathic Practice
7 Jul 2022 10:00am

https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/3605799433175th Demonstration: Working on what works in Homeopathy with Vithoulkas Compass

Demonstration presented by Andrew Ward, UK Ambassador for Vithoulkas Compass
26 Jun 2022 2:00pm

Integrative Medicine and Health and COVID-19

14 Jun 2022 4:00pm
Dr Seema Mahesh

Dr Seema MaheshFocus on basic clinical research elements in classical homeopathy by IACH

The purpose and the outcome
25 May 2022 1:00pm

WSWSHG Speaker Meeting

Small Support Remedies or Powerful Healers: Identifying some key conundrums surrounding the Schuessler Tissue Salts - presented by Miranda Castro
17 May 2022 8:00pm

Wellbeing Walk - Bristol Walk Fest

Join NCIM volunteer Marion Reid, as she takes you on a fascinating tour around some of the lesser known points of interest in Clifton Village
17 May 2022 10:30am

Human and Planetary Health: Sustainable Solutions for the Future

Integrative Healthcare offers the power of connection and collaboration in how we make a difference to our own health and that of the planet.
6 May 2022 10:00am

Hahnemann Day Global Marathon

8 Apr 2022 4:30am

Demonstration: Chronic Thrombosed Haemorrhoids (Grade III) + Migraine Headaches

A case of Chronic Thrombosed Haemorrhoids (Grade III) + Migraine headaches treated with Classical Homeopathy prescribing
3 Apr 2022 2:00pm

Masterclass - Homeopathic Mixed Salad with Andreas Holling

New insights into materia medica and instructive cases
26 Mar 2022 10:00am

SWSWSHG February Meeting

A presentation by Colin Griffith - AYAHUASCA: Body, Mind and Spirit Medicine
15 Mar 2022 8:00pm

Celebrating International Women's Day 2022 - #BreakTheBias

Our campaign featured some of our #WomenLeaders in Homeopathy and an insight into their careers
8 Mar 2022 8:00am

Homoeocon 2022 - E-conference

International Homoeopathy e-Conference, Homoeocon 2022 “@ Home” will be held from 4-6 March 2022 online
4 Mar 2022 2:00pm

Integrative Approaches to Pregnancy and Birth: New Ways of Bringing New Life Into the World

This one-day education event seeks to bring out the best in conventional and holistic approaches to pregnancy and birth.
4 Mar 2022 10:00am

NCIM Masterclass – Sensational Sarcodes Revisited – Geoff Johnson

Geoff will revise what was learned, & deepen the understanding of the sensation by looking at a number of different sarcodes through successful cases.
26 Feb 2022 10:00am

Holistic Doctor Webinar - Integrative Healthcare for Chronic Pain

Join Dr Elizabeth Thompson and Megan Odell as they talk through integrative approaches to chronic pain.
24 Feb 2022 6:00pm

Anthroposophical medicine webinar

Introduction to Anthroposophical Medicine
12 Feb 2022 5:00pm

Integrative Health Convention

Experience the Integrative Health Convention as a virtual event, from the comfort of your own home or workspace.
11 Feb 2022 9:00am

Introduction into integrated medicine for healthcare practitioners - 9-10 February 2022 (via Zoom)

A short, practical introduction to Integrated Medicine, for GPs and other registered healthcare professionals delivered virtually.
9 Feb 2022 9:00am

Cannabinoid webinar

Cannabinoids and CBD Oil in clinical practice
31 Jan 2022 2:30pm

Introduction into integrated medicine for healthcare practitioners - 26-27 January 2022 (via Zoom)

A short, practical introduction to Integrated Medicine, for GPs and other registered healthcare professionals delivered virtually.
26 Jan 2022 9:00am

Sensation in the Superclasses

Registered Health Professionals and Students Welcome
23 Jan 2022 4:00pm

Working on what works in homeopathy using Vithoulkas Compass

Vithoulkas Compass FREE demonstration using Real Life case studies
23 Jan 2022 2:00pm

The Joshis online

19 Nov 2021 10:00am

13th European Congress of Integrative Medicine

The European Congress for Integrative Medicine (ECIM) - the joint congress for ESIM and ISCMR is moving online
4 Nov 2021 8:30am

NCIM Masterclass – Dr Jonathan Hardy – Mammals: Themes, Sensation, Materia Medica and Cases

We will use video & paper cases to illustrate mammal themes, specific characteristics of mammal sub-groups, & unique features of a number of remedies.
30 Oct 2021 10:00am

99th Faculty of Homeopathy Congress

Centred around a sea theme ‘Making Positive Waves’, generating positivity & benefits of integrating Homeopathy within integrative healthcare
22 Oct 2021 9:00am

Death and integrative healthcare - Approaching the final frontier

Death the one thing we will all have to face, this event hopes to develop active enquiry and a degree of optimism for a tricky topic.
16 Oct 2021 10:00am

The Laurence Society of Holistic Medicine - Annual Conference

Three expert speakers discuss holistic treatment of animals, Bach Flowers for emotional wellbeing and the renaissance of homeopathy.
9 Oct 2021 10:00am

The role of Dentistry in Integrative Medicine and Homeopathy

Dentistry appears to be the Cinderella of healthcare and the importance of good oral health is hugely underestimated.
2 Oct 2021 10:30am

Managing Chronic Pain Conference

...with an opportunity to explore a different path with a more holistic approach
1 Oct 2021 9:30am

NCIM Holistic Doctor Webinar Series: An integrative approach to Long COVID

An integrative approach to Long COVID
29 Sep 2021 6:00pm

Bringers of light, global vision, autonomy, spiritual seekers, severe pathology

The Lanthanides illustrated by cured cases from human and veterinary practice.
18 Sep 2021 5:00pm

The potential role of homeopathy to help reduce antimicrobial resistance

A case report: Evidence-based homeopathy and veterinary homeopathy presented by Dr Petra Weiermayer
16 May 2021 10:00am
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