Specialist Pharmacy Symposium

Educational talks on hormones, genomics, nutrition and advances in personalised medicine, alongside the opportunity to network with your peers
23 Sep 2023 12:00pm

NCIM Forum - Integrative Approaches to Women's Health

A one-day, online, Integrative Healthcare Forum for healthcare professionals to support women at all stages of their lives
22 Sep 2023 10:00am

2nd World Congress Integrative Medicine & Health

20 Sep 2023 9:00am

https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/vithoulkas-compass-11th-demo-real-case-studies-in-practice-tickets-694172868737?aff=oddtdtcreator11th Demonstration: Working on what works in Homeopathy with Vithoulkas Compass

Vithoulkas Compass FREE demonstration using Real Life case studies
17 Sep 2023 2:00pm

Introduction to Polarity Analysis

Polarity Analysis (PA) is a classical form of homeopathy based on Boenninghausen’s Repertory updated with Bayesian analytics
16 Sep 2023 3:00pm

International congress: 150th anniversary of the Royal Belgian Society of Homeopathy

September 15, 16 and 17, 2023 at the "Van Der Valk Congress Hotel" in Mons
15 Sep 2023 8:00am

RCCM Annual Conference 4th August 2023

This event will showcase UK research in complementary and integrative healthcare
4 Aug 2023 9:00am

Chronic diseases in relation to the theory of the Levels of Health

Prof Vithoulkas will discuss the correct evaluation of the reaction of the organism to the first prescription, followed by a Q&A session
29 Jul 2023 4:00pm

Integrative and Personalised Medicine Congress 2023

Discounted rate for Members of FOH
29 Jun 2023 9:00am

The Bowel Nosodes - Homeopathic Probiotics presented by Myriam Shivadikar

The gut bacteria are the key to unlocking many diseases, Bowel Nosodes are homeopathic probiotics simplified into 9 remedies
28 Jun 2023 7:00pm

10th Demonstration: Working on what works in Homeopathy with Vithoulkas Compass

A case of co-morbidity chronic disease treated successfully with Classical Homeopathy
25 Jun 2023 2:00pm

Mind Symptoms Decoded - Dr Shrikant Talari

Dr Talari will speak about how to elicit mind symptoms, with a view to effective repertorisation, getting to the real essence of the case
20 Jun 2023 8:00pm

WSWSHG - presentation by Professor LM Khan

A genuine Master of homeopathic prescribing
16 May 2023 7:00pm

Treating Eye Disease Homeopathically

The Homeopathic Medical Society of the State of New York Presents Dr Ed Kondrot, MD, Ophthalmologist
13 May 2023 6:00pm

Evolving Consciousness: A deeper way to health

A one day learning event from NCIM dedicated to the connection between science and inner deep knowing to achieve health and wellbeing.
13 May 2023 10:00am

ECH Spring Meeting

Mainz, Germany
12 May 2023 9:00am

The Radioactive Remedies - Geoff Johnson

The chain reaction has started. We are heading for disintegration - or integration and a new society. Annihilation or creation?
4 May 2023 6:30pm

9th Demonstration: Working on what works in Homeopathy with Vithoulkas Compass

A case of Osteo-myelitis treated in 2013
23 Apr 2023 2:00pm

Seeking Our Truth: The Alchemical History of Homeopathy - Denise Straiges

How is it that Homeopathy, the second most widely used system of medicine in the world today, has yet to agree on a set of guidelines?
19 Apr 2023 7:00pm

Better Brighter Bolder Future for Homeopathy

A fun and energetic day with colleagues to identify, discuss and build new ideas and strategies for the future of the profession
19 Apr 2023 11:30am

Floral Tribute to Samuel Hahnemann LIVE from New Delhi, India - JOIN FREE ONLINE

Floral Tribute to Dr Samuel Hahnemann with keynote address from Dr Gary Smyth at 1340 hours (BST)
10 Apr 2023 12:00pm

A case of Narcolepsy treated successfully with classical homeopathy

Demonstration of Vithoulkas Compass Software by Andrew Ward
26 Mar 2023 2:00pm

Advanced homeopathic philosophy, extending the work of Ewald Stöteler into practice - Tony Pinkus

An overview of tautopathic prescribing, potentised allopathic drug remedies and dealing with adverse drug reactions
15 Mar 2023 7:00pm

NCIM Homeopathy in integrative cancer care - Masterclass

Clinical cases to illuminate the challenges and opportunities of using homeopathy to help manage the side effects of cancer treatment
10 Mar 2023 11:00am


Guest speaker Dr Shrikant Talahir will present 'Mind Symptoms Decoded'
21 Feb 2023 8:00pm

Ewald Stöteler webinar

An introduction to his book ‘Hahnemann’s Homeopathy’ a unique book, a master-class of the ‘Organon’ and the practical expression of ‘Chronic Diseases’
13 Feb 2023 7:30pm

English Training in Anthroposophic Medicine

Nine one-week modules over three years. Combining experiential face-to-face & distance learning.
28 Jan 2023 9:00am

Seminar with Ewald Stöteler: Organ Remedies and Biographical Nosodes

A 2-day international Webinar (English language) with Ewald Stöteler
21 Jan 2023 9:00am

WSWSHG Webinar with Dr Ernst Trebin

Dr Trebin is an M.D. practising homeopathy in Germany for 35 years or more
17 Jan 2023 8:00pm

Member Drop-in Session

Patricia Ridsdale and Gabi Day will share their experiences on getting started and continuing a career in Homeopathy
28 Nov 2022 7:30pm
Members only

7th Demonstration: Working on what works in Homeopathy with Vithoulkas Compass

A case of FIGO Grade 1 Endometrioid adenocarcinoma + 5 endometrial cysts treated with Classic Homeopathy
27 Nov 2022 2:00pm

Agrohomeopathy Symposium

Learn about this exciting new field of study
24 Nov 2022 1:30pm

Homeopathy in Maternity, Childbirth and Paediatrics

Presented by Dr Dinesh Chauhan who has practiced classical homeopathy in Mumbai for the last 20+ years
15 Nov 2022 7:00pm

Healthy Children today

Which medicine for our children? How to avoid or help them out of chronic diseases
12 Nov 2022 12:00pm

NCIM Masterclass - Animal Remedies in Mental Health

In this webinar Jonathan will be showing new cases from his practice in which animal remedies have helped a variety of mental health issues.
4 Nov 2022 10:00am

Alzheimer's - Is it preventable?

​Some diseases cannot be effectively treated, but can be prevented
31 Oct 2022 11:00am

Curing the Root of Disease: Miasms and Beyond

Homeopathic Conversations 2022 Online Conference of the American Institute of Homeopathy - 1400-2200 hours BST
29 Oct 2022 2:00pm

6th Demonstration: Working on what works in Homeopathy with Vithoulkas Compass

A chronic case of Crohn's disease/Proctitis treated with Classic Homeopathy
16 Oct 2022 2:00pm


A hybrid congress
30 Sep 2022 9:00am

A United Voice: Better, Brighter & Bolder

An energetic and interactive day to create, build, and strengthen strategies for a better, brighter and bolder future for homeopathy
27 Sep 2022 11:30am

Living well in later life

NCIM online event - Everyone deserves to be happy and healthy in later life
23 Sep 2022 10:00am

The Work of James Compton Burnett

A talk and discussion with Dr MANISH YADAV BHMS
20 Sep 2022 8:00pm

Predators and Prey

In this seminar Dr Jonathan Hardy will be sharing new animal cases that he has seen in the last year
10 Sep 2022 9:30am

75th World Congress of Homeopathy - LMHI 2022

Istanbul, Turkey
7 Sep 2022 9:00am

NCIM Online Summer School with Dr Annette Sneevliet

Evolution: Connecting All Methods of Homeopathic Practice
7 Jul 2022 10:00am

https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/3605799433175th Demonstration: Working on what works in Homeopathy with Vithoulkas Compass

Demonstration presented by Andrew Ward, UK Ambassador for Vithoulkas Compass
26 Jun 2022 2:00pm

Integrative Medicine and Health and COVID-19

14 Jun 2022 4:00pm
Dr Seema Mahesh

Dr Seema MaheshFocus on basic clinical research elements in classical homeopathy by IACH

The purpose and the outcome
25 May 2022 1:00pm

WSWSHG Speaker Meeting

Small Support Remedies or Powerful Healers: Identifying some key conundrums surrounding the Schuessler Tissue Salts - presented by Miranda Castro
17 May 2022 8:00pm

Wellbeing Walk - Bristol Walk Fest

Join NCIM volunteer Marion Reid, as she takes you on a fascinating tour around some of the lesser known points of interest in Clifton Village
17 May 2022 10:30am

Human and Planetary Health: Sustainable Solutions for the Future

Integrative Healthcare offers the power of connection and collaboration in how we make a difference to our own health and that of the planet.
6 May 2022 10:00am

Hahnemann Day Global Marathon

8 Apr 2022 4:30am

Demonstration: Chronic Thrombosed Haemorrhoids (Grade III) + Migraine Headaches

A case of Chronic Thrombosed Haemorrhoids (Grade III) + Migraine headaches treated with Classical Homeopathy prescribing
3 Apr 2022 2:00pm

Masterclass - Homeopathic Mixed Salad with Andreas Holling

New insights into materia medica and instructive cases
26 Mar 2022 10:00am

SWSWSHG February Meeting

A presentation by Colin Griffith - AYAHUASCA: Body, Mind and Spirit Medicine
15 Mar 2022 8:00pm

Celebrating International Women's Day 2022 - #BreakTheBias

Our campaign featured some of our #WomenLeaders in Homeopathy and an insight into their careers
8 Mar 2022 8:00am

Homoeocon 2022 - E-conference

International Homoeopathy e-Conference, Homoeocon 2022 “@ Home” will be held from 4-6 March 2022 online
4 Mar 2022 2:00pm

Integrative Approaches to Pregnancy and Birth: New Ways of Bringing New Life Into the World

This one-day education event seeks to bring out the best in conventional and holistic approaches to pregnancy and birth.
4 Mar 2022 10:00am

NCIM Masterclass – Sensational Sarcodes Revisited – Geoff Johnson

Geoff will revise what was learned, & deepen the understanding of the sensation by looking at a number of different sarcodes through successful cases.
26 Feb 2022 10:00am

Holistic Doctor Webinar - Integrative Healthcare for Chronic Pain

Join Dr Elizabeth Thompson and Megan Odell as they talk through integrative approaches to chronic pain.
24 Feb 2022 6:00pm

Anthroposophical medicine webinar

Introduction to Anthroposophical Medicine
12 Feb 2022 5:00pm

Integrative Health Convention

Experience the Integrative Health Convention as a virtual event, from the comfort of your own home or workspace.
11 Feb 2022 9:00am

Introduction into integrated medicine for healthcare practitioners - 9-10 February 2022 (via Zoom)

A short, practical introduction to Integrated Medicine, for GPs and other registered healthcare professionals delivered virtually.
9 Feb 2022 9:00am

Cannabinoid webinar

Cannabinoids and CBD Oil in clinical practice
31 Jan 2022 2:30pm

Introduction into integrated medicine for healthcare practitioners - 26-27 January 2022 (via Zoom)

A short, practical introduction to Integrated Medicine, for GPs and other registered healthcare professionals delivered virtually.
26 Jan 2022 9:00am

Sensation in the Superclasses

Registered Health Professionals and Students Welcome
23 Jan 2022 4:00pm

Working on what works in homeopathy using Vithoulkas Compass

Vithoulkas Compass FREE demonstration using Real Life case studies
23 Jan 2022 2:00pm

The Joshis online

19 Nov 2021 10:00am

13th European Congress of Integrative Medicine

The European Congress for Integrative Medicine (ECIM) - the joint congress for ESIM and ISCMR is moving online
4 Nov 2021 8:30am

NCIM Masterclass – Dr Jonathan Hardy – Mammals: Themes, Sensation, Materia Medica and Cases

We will use video & paper cases to illustrate mammal themes, specific characteristics of mammal sub-groups, & unique features of a number of remedies.
30 Oct 2021 10:00am

Death and integrative healthcare - Approaching the final frontier

Death the one thing we will all have to face, this event hopes to develop active enquiry and a degree of optimism for a tricky topic.
16 Oct 2021 10:00am

The Laurence Society of Holistic Medicine - Annual Conference

Three expert speakers discuss holistic treatment of animals, Bach Flowers for emotional wellbeing and the renaissance of homeopathy.
9 Oct 2021 10:00am

The role of Dentistry in Integrative Medicine and Homeopathy

Dentistry appears to be the Cinderella of healthcare and the importance of good oral health is hugely underestimated.
2 Oct 2021 10:30am

Managing Chronic Pain Conference

...with an opportunity to explore a different path with a more holistic approach
1 Oct 2021 9:30am

NCIM Holistic Doctor Webinar Series: An integrative approach to Long COVID

An integrative approach to Long COVID
29 Sep 2021 6:00pm

Bringers of light, global vision, autonomy, spiritual seekers, severe pathology

The Lanthanides illustrated by cured cases from human and veterinary practice.
18 Sep 2021 5:00pm

The potential role of homeopathy to help reduce antimicrobial resistance

A case report: Evidence-based homeopathy and veterinary homeopathy presented by Dr Petra Weiermayer
16 May 2021 10:00am
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